Monday, August 2, 2010

Kiss Me: Linda and Jeff {Newcastle Engagement Photography}

Do you believe in the staying power of Love?  You will after you hear this couple's story!!  The year was 1970-something when a young girl (a junior) met a young man (a senior).  They dated for a short time but what others thought was "puppy love" had kindled itself to quite a flame in both their hearts.  When they broke up, that love faded into the background but didn't disappear - smoldering somewhere in their hearts waiting to be fanned into flame again.

Fast forward 35 years and through a series of circumstances they find themselves face to face again!!  As he sees her, he puts his hand to his heart and smiles.  (Maybe he felt those embers of love catch his breath and spring into flame???)  She reaches out to hug him and instinctively puts her hand to the back of his neck as though they were back in high school.  ( she probably didn't kiss him like in the picture after seeing him again for the first time...)  And the rest is history.  The flames of love are alive and abundant!!  They are getting ready to tie the knot in August and I have the privilege of being invited to the wedding!!

Linda and Jeff are a happy couple!!  He adores can tell by the way he looks at her!! 

And may I say that women who are adored glow with an exceptional beauty that comes from the inside out!!  (Take note gentlemen....communicate adoration to the women in your life!!)

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this one!!  Linda has the best laugh!  The two of them were so playful with one another...I love how she is swinging her feet out like...well...a school girl!!

...and a few more moments of playfulness....

Love this picture too!!!  After all this is a "Kiss Me" post....

We did the engagement session at their cabin - a little house they have worked on for the last two years.  It is a sweet place where I can tell that these two have so much fun!

They spend a lot of time on the water....I was hoping perhaps they would catch some fish.  Then I might have been invited to stay for dinner!!  (Just kidding, guys!!)

Near the end of the session, I just wanted to catch them doing what they do best....being themselves.  Simply sitting on the deck enjoying some time with each other....with one of the paparazzi lurking behind their patio furniture!!!  Linda and Jeff, you guys did great!!

Linda and Jeff...I had a great time with the two of you!!  Thank you for sharing a part of your day, your little cabin and pieces of your story with me!!  I am honored to have been able to photograph you and your love!!

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