Sunday, August 15, 2010

Little, Little One {West Seattle Newborn Photography}

I got to meet this little one earlier than I thought I would.  Little Morgan came a month early...proof that she is going to be girl who lives by her own timing!!  Watch out Mom and Dad!!
 Seriously though, she was so fun to tiny, so sweet, and just beautiful!  

It was a sunny day in Seattle, but I still didn't want to have Morgan get too cold.  I am pretty sure she has no body fat!!  We did put her in the garden though and I think she is the prettiest flower of all!!

So adored by Mom...

....and Dad

Both Mom and Dad made the statement that they had never seen her be so awake and alert.  (Which is what I think always happens when little ones sense a camera!!)  But she finally went back to sleep.  Ohhhh....I love sleeping babies!!  I could just kiss them...but then that would wake them up again, wouldn't it??

Mom and Dad's love just grew by two feet!!

So I had this hat with me but it was almost as big as she is!!  I think I could have stood there and taken the same picture over and over again because she was so CUTE!!!

I had to do a birds-eye view of Morgan sleeping in her crib to show just how tiny she is!!

My favorite.  It just makes me *SIGH*

Thank you S Family!!  It was a delight to be in your home and such an honor to meet your new little girl!!  She is beautiful!!!

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Katy Scheck said...

Tara, these are absolutely beautiful, I cannot WAIT to see the rest. It was such a pleasure to meet you- you are not only an amazing photographer, but so amazing with baby.