Friday, August 6, 2010

Live...Laugh...Love....Now That's Family!! {Tacoma Family Photography}

I think the wall and this little guy's face says it all!!  I got to spend some time with the Hunstock family the other day and got to see how they live...full of laughter and with lots of love!!  Evidently they haven't had family pictures in a LONG time and all kids were in town and available, so we went for it!!  The following is what went on during our enjoy and welcome to the family!!

These are the Hunstock Family's FIVE kids!!  They are amazing and fun!!  (Plus, I must say that I worship any mom who has more than two kids.  I have two and I barely know which way is up some days!!)

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE when I get to hear stories of who got into the most trouble as a kid!!  

Of course, we had to head over to the playground so this little guy could burn off some energy.  Grandma and his aunts got into the action too!!

Family pictures with little ones have to be fun...and FAST!!  This was one moment...

....and this was the next!!

Hunstock Family, it was a pleasure to be with all of you!!  It was amazing to see your love for each other and I especially liked how much you laughed together!!  
Thanks for letting me tell a piece of your story!!

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