Monday, August 16, 2010

Marry Me: Alyssa and Jake {Woodinville Wedding Photography}

Ready to be a guest at the most recent Red Thread wedding??  Grab your coffee and I'll take you on a journey through the story of the day.

The day started off like a lot of wedding days...full of details!  Dresses, shoes, jewelery and a super cool feather to put in her hair later in the night....Alyssa thought of everything!!

Off to the salon to get her hair is always good to have good friends with you!  I think Alyssa thought she saw a gray hair and her friends swooped in to check it out.  I think it makes a much better story if we say they were checking for ticks!!  (We actually listened to that country song after this moment!)

I had the most amazing second photographer with me that day.  My friend Chris Maddox from Phoenix flew out to assist.  I am afraid he might have wanted to get away from the heat of the desert, but unfortunately he flew in to the heat of the Pacific Northwest.  Chris hung out with the guys for a while and we got kind of a "He Said, She Said" set of pictures.

Here is the difference in how guys and girls get ready for a wedding....

Guys, evidently, get dressed alone....Girls, however need as many people around them as possible!! they do help each other a little....

Alright...what takes guys 15 minutes to do, girls need hours and hours.  But look at the beautiful result....the most stunning Bride!!

While waiting for the limo to come pick up the girls, we had a few extra minutes.  Never squander an opportunity to take pictures of an amazing bride!!  I just think Alyssa is absolutely stunning!!

The ceremony and reception took place at Columbia Winery in Woodinville.  It is one of my favorite venues and I even got to work with one of my favorite wedding coordinators, Suzanne Linich.  (By the way...I would encourage EVERY bride to have a wedding coordinator for at least the day of the wedding.  It makes everything run so much smoother!  And I don't get paid to say that.)

Just before the ceremony started, Alyssa and Dad exchanged the sweetest smiles with one another!  Jake was beaming when he saw his beautiful Bride!

Between the ceremony and reception, we squeezed in family pictures, bridal party pictures AND "together" pictures.  Everyone was so amazing to work so quickly!!  I think it might have been the heat though....there was a lot of motivation to be done and move on into the air conditioning!!

(love this picture that Chris took!!!)

Jake and Alyssa had a special dance for all of us!!  Ohhh... I just love a Bride and Groom wrapped in each other's arms!!

A few snipets from the reception...

Like every wedding, there are dozens of more pictures I would love to put up on the blog!  It is always difficult to choose just a few!  But here they are....hope you feel a little like you got to be a guest at the wedding.  AND if you were a guest, I hope you got to see a little "behind the scenes" action that you hadn't seen before!

Jake and was an honor to be able to tell a piece of your Love Story!!  May every day of your marriage be as blessed as your wedding day!!


Suzanne Linich said...

Tara, You are amazing as always! You captured Alyssa and Jake's day perfectly! Thank you for continuing to be a joy to work with.

Can't wait until next time!
Suzanne Linich ~ Poised Events

Erin Torpin said...

I am Alyssa's cousin and was there. The pictures turned out awesome I cant wait to see the ones she prints.

Lisa Lombardo said...

Once again, you completely amaze me! So AWESOME!!!