Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Marry Me: Danielle and James {Puyallup Wedding Photography}

Alright....you know how I always tell you to grab a cup of coffee when you are ready to be a guest at Red Thread's most recent wedding?? Well, I really mean it this time!! On Saturday, I got invited to a PARTY that I think was just disguised as a wedding!! (OK...all weddings are total celebrations, but this event was a party - from morning until well....the next morning!!)

There were stories around every corner of this day and I wish I could post even more pictures than I already have!! I got to hang out with the girls in the morning...squished into a couple of hotel rooms, hearing stories of how they met, watching them go from pajamas to glamorous!! There were special parts and items everywhere...carefully planned details that become adjectives in the story of the day!

So...the morning was a party with all the girls, we were about to go to the "main party" of the ceremony and reception, but Danielle and James even planned an After Party. I, however, knew I would not last for the After Party (my after party was falling asleep in my bed!!) but I wanted to get some pictures of this gorgeous girl in her After Party dress!! Here are a couple...there are more at the end of the post!!

Could she be any more fabulous???

Danielle and James hosted their wedding at the Landmark Event Center. It was a very cool place to have a wedding!! Our one issue was that the weather was not super cooperative. Most of the wedding and festivities were supposed to take place outside, but the rain was not going to let us do that. So...with incredible flexibility, all plans changed and we watched the day unfold with wonder and lots of laughter!!

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this picture!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this dress!! (We found this little window up in the balcony above the auditorium. Now I am so grateful for the rain...I never would have found this had it been lovely and sunny outside!)

Danielle had two "First Looks". The first one with her dad...

...the second with her groom!!

Brick walls...matching tattoos...these two were so much fun to photograph!! They were such a good mix of serious and silly!

So usually at a wedding, the girls are way more adventurous than the guys...but not at this party!! Look at this handsome bunch! They got out in the rain with their long boards and had some fun! I was actually laying on the ground taking some of these shots and not one of them hit me!! Thanks guys!!

That is not to say that girls weren't just as fun...they just didn't feel like hanging out in the rain too long!! Really...I think much of the party atmosphere was due to the bridal party...they were a party waiting to happen!!

(Had to throw in another picture of the gorgeous bride!!)

The ceremony was beautiful!! Simple and sweet...the groom's sister (whom you can see here) played a beautiful piece for the couple on her clarinet. The ceremony stayed pretty traditional until the recessional when each set of bridesmaids and groomsmen did their own original dancing exit!! It was so fun!!

A few more details...a quartet to serenade the newlyweds....and more dancing into the reception!!

The bride's sister (whom you can see here) sang a song for Danielle and James to dance their first dance to.

I don't usually put up these shots, but I LOVE the expression on everyone's faces!! The anticipation...and then the agony of not catching it!!

The sun came out for...ohhh, about 15 minutes...but it made its glorious appearance at sunset so we couldn't pass up the opportunity!! Danielle and James were such good sports. They were in the middle of eating when I told them the sun was perfect and had some picture potential. Not sure they really wanted to follow me, but I hope they will see it was worth it!!

There are so many more stories I wish I could tell you from this night...but instead I will leave you with some pictures of this party getting amped up at the reception.

(And since I didn't make it to the After Party...here is how fabulous I am sure that Danielle looked there!!)

Danielle and James...I had an amazing time at your wedding-themed Party!! May you always celebrate life and each other with such energy!!!


Lisa Lombardo said...

So unbelievably AWESOME!! Great work, my friend!!

Erin McFarland said...

GORGEOUS!!! Love the bride's solo shots! You make all your brides look like models Tara! :)

Anonymous said...

WOW!!! Danielle you were an absolutely beautiful bride and James is as handsome as ever. Looks like you had an AWESOME wedding, the pictures are absolutely beautiful. Congratulations again. Donna and Larry Capatosto

Scarlett7 said...

Absolutely stunning, just like I knew you would be. So sorry I couldn't be there. Luv ya!!

Cuz Awilda