Thursday, August 26, 2010

A New Red Thread Girl

Some of you may know the reason I chose to call my photography business Red Thread, but some of you may not...I have 3 wonderful, beautiful God-daughters - two of whom started off life in China; they were adopted by my husband's cousin and his wife.  After they brought their first little girl home, my daughter, Mikaela formed a real special bond with her.  It was almost as if we could SEE the red thread that connected the girls and thus, they became the original Red Thread girls.  (For more of the story...see here!)

Now we have a new Red Thread Girl to add to our collection!!  Her name is Jude and though we met her in Sacramento, she lives full time in Lebanon!

Jude's mom and dad are friends of ours, but our trip to California was the first time our kids had met theirs.  Instantly when I saw the two girls together, I knew they were made out of the same substance. Sure one is blond and burns easily and the other has dark hair and well....doesn't, but I am talking about the substance of their souls.

They both laugh easily and love deeply; when they walk they lean into each other, rubbing shoulders with the other one; they are silly and goofy one minute and deep and respectful the next.  As I watched the two of them interact, I could "see" the Red Thread that had invisibly connected them all their lives and miles and miles apart.

Of course, while we were together we HAD to do a little bit of a photo shoot (with the point-and-shoot)!!  We had so much fun with Jude and her family.  We didn't feel like guests, but really much more like family!!

So Jude gets my vote for the newest Red Thread Girl...she is classy and fabulous and has a heart connection with Mikaela!!  Welcome to the club, Jude...welcome to the club!!

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Lisa Lombardo said...

Wow! What BEAUTIFUL girls!!! Love 'em, love 'em, love 'em!