Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Breathe {inspiration for wednesdays}

Today begins the last year of my third decade!  (For those of you not good at math, or who haven't had a good cup of coffee yet, that means I turn 39 today!)  I don't mind getting fact, the older I get the more I love my life and feel at home in my skin.  Except for the fine lines on my forehead that don't seem to go away anymore - for which I am now doing hair with bangs - getting older is a good thing.  

I also like birthdays.  Not because of the presents or party or cake (although I do like a good slice of cake!) but because they are mile markers.  On at least one day out of the year, we tend to stop and look back at what has been (and thankfully what is no longer!) and look forward in hope and expectation.  In many ways we stop to assess life, BREATHE, and with that breath, blow out our candles.

Now, I am usually a "let's-see-what-life-gives-us" kind of girl, but the last year of a decade seems too monumental to just enter with whimsy.  I also know that sometimes we need to speak out loud those things we are dreaming about or would like to see happen.  (Not that it is a "magical" formula....but rather stating my desires changes me, the way I see the world and the opportunities I recognize around me!)  So...I decided to make a list of 39 things that I would like to do or see happen in this next year. 

1.  Engage a photography project about justice
2.  Take my kids off the continent
3.  Come up with an exercise plan that works for me and get strong again
4.  Teach a photography class
5.  Practice yoga a couple days a week
6.  Learn to use my Pocket Wizards (off camera flash) really well
7.  Take a dance class (maybe with my husband???  What about swing or ballroom, honey??)
8.  Create some beautiful, unique family storybooks for clients
9.  Learn to barbeque
10.  Reduce my food budget  (without starving my family!!)
11.  Read 12 great books  (any recommendations??)
12.  Consistently write 2-3 days a week
13.  Buy a lightbox to make it through the winter (what can I say, sunlight makes me happy!!)
14.  Drink more water
15.  Use my photography to make a difference in the world
16.  To find my "style" in clothing (because I am pretty sure that sweat pants are not ever going to be "IN")
17.  Attend a really good -and worth the money - photography workshop
18.  Become OK with some people not liking me
19.  Get my teeth whitened  (yes...there is vanity inside me!!)
20.  Take a communication/storytelling class
21.  Memorize 2 classic, beautiful poems
22.  Take my business to a new level 
23.  Learn to rest well
24.  Travel to the Middle East
25.  Write a compelling, emotion stirring story
26.  To help in a disaster relief situation
27.  Learn to grow a vegetable garden here in the Seattle area
28.  Run a 5K (because I don't run unless someone is chasing me...and even then I might choose diplomacy over my feet!)
29.  Take our kids to the Grand Canyon
30.  Go to Hawaii (hey...I can dream can't I???)
31.  Replace the hardware on my kitchen cabinets
32.  To get through the winter without being too effected by SAD
33.  For our family to watch less TV
34.  Brush up on my french
35.  To do a whimsical, fun, fashion wedding shoot (hopefully in the fall!!)
36.  To have a network of deep friendships locally around me (because I have lots around the country but few right local to me!
37.  To work/partner with other photographers
38.  To have 1 date a month with my husband and each of my kids
39.  To be really good at being me!
(One learn to make a really good cup of coffee!)

So...what about you?  It doesn't have to be your birthday for you to make a list.  And you don't have to list 39 items.  What are you dreaming about...what would you like to see (or make) happen?  Write it down....say it out loud....tell a few people...tell yourself to watch for opportunities.  And in the process, don't forget to BREATHE, SMILE and GO SLOWLY!!


Anonymous said...

you know...I once had a dream where we went to hawaii...not sure if it was to shoot, or to have fun. i'd like to think it was the latter :)

Happy birthday!

Anonymous said...

Great list! It reminded me of a few personal goals (including procurement of a light box for the winter!) and prompted thought of a few more. Thanks for sharing!

atpanda said...

You know, you're actually in your 4th decade... ;-) (0-9, 10-19, 20-29, 30-39) Depressing. Just made me realize I'm in my 4th decade too.

Bethany said...

Tara, I loved reading your list of 39 dreams/desires. I could relate to so many of them. Thank you for sharing, friend. I miss you lots! Praying that many, many of these things are fulfilled for you this year. Oh, and I know a good place you can take your kids off the continent... COME SEE ME!! You always have a free place to stay once you get here :)