Sunday, September 5, 2010

Class of 2011 - Kayla

I had the awesome privilege of photographing this amazing, young woman the other day!!  Kayla was silly, serious, dramatic and playful....we had a BLAST!! 

(She obviously thinks I am so funny!!!  OK...just kidding.  Her sister was standing behind me dancing around and making Kayla crack up!!)

Kayla and her sister...telling me what their mom does that makes them laugh!!  (But because I am a mom myself, those secrets will remain safe with me!)

It was funny because Kayla told me that the above picture is a really good representation of her and her sister - one is a sporty and athletic, the other is a more dramatic and "girly".  Well...I wanted to capture Kayla's dramatic side and this is the result.  I LOVE this picture!!  (It may be one of my favorites of all time!!)

The thing I really liked about photographing Kayla was that she was so natural and she really showed the camera the "real" her!  She was quick to laugh and up for any idea I had!

And I am so glad she was quick to laugh...because soon after this picture was taken we went back to the cars and Kayla promptly locked her keys in the trunk.  So we had some "Good News/Bad News" moments.  Good news was that she already had her dress and shoes on for the next clothing change.  Bad news was that her phone was in the trunk with her keys.  Good news was that I had my phone.  Bad news was that her AAA card was in the trunk keeping her keys and phone company.  Good news was that we called her mom who said she would take care of it.  Bad news....well, there is no more bad news.  We headed to our next location knowing we had to be kind of quick so we could get back and meet her mom (and the locksmith)!!

One of my favorite quotes by Coco Chanel is "A girl should be classy AND fabulous".  Well...I think Kayla is a whole lot of both!!

Once we got to know the locksmith, talked to mom and got the last change of clothes out of the trunk we headed to our last location.  

We went to my favorite graffiti garage and when we arrived the "artists" were busy at work.  I just had to get a fun picture with Kayla and the paint roller!! rocked in front of my camera!!  AND I had a great time with you!  May your senior year be the best year yet!!

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