Thursday, September 23, 2010

Class of 2011 - Marlee {Graham Senior Photography}

Oh...I had so much fun with Marlee!!  She was adventurous, talkative and full of beautiful smiles!!  We weren't sure that the session was going to take place because of our crazy Washington weather, but Marlee was willing to head inside if it rained, so we decided to go for it!!

We came across this set of old theater seats outside of a store and knew we had a great photo opp!!  Love these boots!!

I love this girl's laugh!!!

While we were outside taking pictures on the theater seats, the owner of the shop came out and invited us to a wine tasting event.  We thanked him, but declined...however, he also invited us in use all the great places in his shop.  I love this is a treasure hunt in action!!  So we headed in to photograph this beautiful gem inside the treasure box!!

I have heard it said that in order to really photograph a person, you should always photograph their hands.  I like that idea...but I also knew that I needed to get a picture of Marlee's ring.  It tells us a little about her love for "bling"!!

Marlee's last "outfit" was her rain jacket and boots!  It was perfect because just as we got to the bridge, those rain clouds were starting to stir again!!  I just love this girl's fun spirit!!

Marlee, it was my privilege to photograph you!!  May your senior year be full of smiles, fun and a little bling!!

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