Thursday, September 2, 2010

A Divine Appointment {Bellevue Wedding Photography}

"This is a Divine appointment"....that is how the officiant began Linda and Jeff's ceremony. And from the crowd came a murmur of agreement followed by smiling faces. The whole wedding day was filled with a joy you could taste and love you could really feel!

These two have known each other since high school and are a Red Thread story in their own right. They dated in high school, went their separate ways and years later (last Sunday) stood at the alter and became husband and wife. (See more of their story here...) The Red Thread that connected them stretched and tangled, but inevitably brought them back together!!

Linda was such a relaxed bride!! She wanted the day to not be just about her, but about their love, their friends and having a lot of fun!! She put her own special touch on most things at the wedding...buttons being a theme I saw frequently!! LOVE it!!

Though I usually take more individual bride and groom shots, it is obvious that these two are at their very best when they are WITH each other! Watch in the pictures to follow her contagious jubilance coupled with his watchful delight. It was an absolute pleasure to photograph them!!

His first look at her...looking magnificent in her custom designed dress...

...and TOGETHER. Can you see why the crowd at the ceremony smiled in agreement that these two were meant to be together?

The wedding party was small but very important hand-picked people. These two are Jeff's sister and brother-in-law.

OK...this is why I love this bride!!! We came across these two lurking in the bushes around the venue and Linda wanted her picture taken with them!! And don't worry about that woman trying to steal a kiss from Jeff...remember, that's his sister!! (It is a nicer picture than her punching him in the arm!)

More details....Linda did all the flowers herself, by the way!!

The ceremony was just sweet. A friend of theirs officiated it and there was special music for each part of the ceremony. They met each other at the bottom of the stairs, went their separate ways and met up in the middle of finish the walk together. (Kind of a picture of their lives??? Linda did you do that on purpose?)

Signed...sealed....delivered!!! how often does a photographer take a picture of the cut IN the cake?? However...I was so impressed with Jeff's skills. Can you tell he is a surgeon??

Sneaking a small dance...

(A special thanks to my second shooter, Lisa Lombardo. You were amazing to work with!!! The picture below, among some others, is hers!!)

And they're off!! (Actually there are sparklers in the guests hands, but everyone lit them a little early, so by the time Linda and Jeff got there, only a few were left burning!!)

Linda and Jeff....what a pleasure to get to photograph your joyous wedding day!! Your love, life and laughter is an inspiration to us all!! May your Divine appointment bring you a lifetime of happiness!!


Lisa Lombardo said...

So beautiful! Thank you again for a wonderful day!!

Doni Brinkman said...

Beautiful job Tara.