Saturday, September 11, 2010

HEY SENIORS!!! {Graham Senior Photography}

Maybe you want to wait until Spring to get your pictures....maybe you just didn't realize that (if you go to GK High School) your pictures for the yearbook are due on October 15...maybe you forgot it is your Senior year...

Well...this coming Wednesday...September 15th...I will be doing JUST headshots.

Where?  Downtown Puyallup by the library
When?  3pm -5pm
How does this work?
Each student who signs up will get a 15 minute block of time for his or her headshots.  You will get to pick between 4 or 5 images.  (see a sample here)
I can then send the headshot in to the school for you if you get the email address to me!

Cost:  $35
Openings:  5 time slots available as of this posting

To get my email address or phone number go to:
and click on "Contact Info"

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