Thursday, September 9, 2010

Marry Me: Jen and Chris {Bothell Wedding Photography}

Once again, I have wedding to invite you to.  So grab a cup of coffee or tea, sit down and I'll tell you the story of an amazing day!!

Jen and Chris got married last Saturday up in Mount Vernon and had their reception at Tazer Valley Farm (amazing reception site!!)  I had so much fun with them!!  Evidently they also had a lot of fun...especially the night before at the rehearsal dinner.  I got to hear some crazy stories and Jen got to view pictures taken that night....keep them off of Facebook, people!!

This wedding was FULL of details!!  I loved the flower and veil that Jen wore and thought the hot pink shoes were magnificent!!  Chris went to Notre Dame and so Jen had a garter made just for him!!  (In fact, you'll see Notre Dame pop up a few more times in the telling of this story!)  Plus, I had to put in the lower left picture....everyone seemed to have some sort of prescription and at one point had them out comparing them!!  (Not supposed to do that until you are MUCH older!!)

LOVE those shoes...

A loyal alumni...(I was given to understand that this may not be one of Jen's favorite pieces of we had to take a picture of it!)

Chris and Jen decided to do a First Look.  I always love to watch faces light up in delight and surprise and then go in for a kiss or two.

On the left - a true to life portrait of the groom.  Notre Dame was playing that afternoon and he was diligent to check the score often!!  On the right - our beautiful bride...probably not even caring what the score was!

Sometimes I get to do "together" pictures alone and sometimes I have on-lookers!!

The ceremony was beautiful...

So...Jen and Chris had this bus taking the bridal party and guests to and from the reception site.  As soon as that bridal party stepped off that bus, I knew I had a party in the making!!

I got to hang out alone for a few minutes with Jen and Chris (with no on-lookers!!) while the rest of the guests arrived.  I love these sweet moments of them two of them together.

All I can say is that Jen is amazing!!  Not only did the wedding have so many details, the reception held a treasure around every corner!!  From the place cards, to the glasses, to the gift of jam (spread the love!) for their guests, to the beautiful details on the tables...Jen thought of everything!!  And she did it all herself!  Maybe she is Wonder Woman in disguise?!?!

Once again...a few more details to add to the story!!  Instead of wedding cake, Chris and Jen opted for pie!  Such a great delicious...and totally creative!!  (The only thing is that someone forgot the ice cream!  But have no fear...some of the groomsmen came to the rescue!!)

Ahhh...the first sunset....a photographers dream!!

I think that out of all the pictures I took that day, this is my absolute FAVORITE!!

The venue...

The party...(I don't need to say anymore!!)

Jen and Chris...what an amazing day!!  I wish you all the best in life and love!!  Thanks for inviting me to be part of your day!!

(Check out the Red Thread Photo Facebook page for a few more pictures!!)

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