Monday, October 4, 2010

Amazing Grace {Puyallup Baby Photography}

What are little girls made of?  Not sure they are actually made of sugar and spice, but this little one was sweet enough to gobble up!!  She was such an amazing little model...sleeping though almost the whole session.  Of course, mom and dad are to be thanked for that because they made it toasty and warm in the house that day.  So really...we combined the sugar and spice with toasty and here is what we came up with...

As much as I love doing cute portraits of the little ones by themselves, I am far more passionate about moments like this.  Sweet moments of connection....a focus on the hand holding with a darling family cuddling in the background.  

Dad is a firefighter and happened to have a couple of helmets at home.  We HAD to get this one....

Wonder what she is thinking (or dreaming) about...

I loved this blanket that someone special made for Grace.  I think it is kind of a physical prayer..."may you always know you are wrapped in the love - the love of God, the love of your parents, the love of family and friends."

And would it be complete without a FULL family picture?  Keep in mind, however, these are exactly "moments"....seconds after this picture was snapped, dogs were jumping off the bed or crawling down to see my camera!!  Ahhh...the joy of life!!

Thanks E family!!!  I had a wonderful time with you!!  Many, many blessings on your beautiful family!

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