Thursday, October 28, 2010

Class of 2011 - Alex {Phoenix Senior Photography}

 Originally my trip to Phoenix was prompted by this beautiful girl and her family!  I had photographed Alex last year as part of a workshop I did with some photographers, and so her mom got in touch with me during the summer to see if I was headed to Phoenix anytime soon.  I said "Of course"....after all, any chance for some sunshine, warmth and time with old friends is something to make happen!!

Anyway....I had so much fun with Alex and her family (who came with us on the shoot)!!  Check out some of her BEAUTIFUL pictures!!

I love the relationship between her and her brother!!  They are so sweet (and FUN) together!!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this one, Alex!!

Here is a little of the fun side between Alex and her brother!  Although I am pretty sure that by the last picture, he is about to accuse her of cheating!!  ( would never do that would you??)

Since the family was with us....well, we had to get a few of the four of them!  This first one is my favorite....I think it probably shows a little of how life is actually like!

We found this AWESOME sign downtown and since both parents were born in New York, we thought it was quite the Kodak moment!!  (Or "canon moment" as the case may be!)

Thanks to you all!!  There are so many great images from our time together, it was hard to choose just a few!  (Check out a couple more of Alex up on the Red Thread Facebook page!)

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