Friday, October 8, 2010

Class of 2011 - Garrett {Graham Senior Photography}

The other day I wrote on Facebook that I got to photograph an Action Hero from the Class of 2011.  Well, it is my pleasure today to introduce you to him.  Sure, Garrett looks like a regular, mild-mannered guy, but wait until you see what he can do!!

Before I show you his "super" side, let me say that Garrett was totally fun to be with!  He was talkative, interesting, quick to laugh....ladies, one of you might want to snatch him up!!  (OK...just kidding!)

" to leap tall buildings in a single bound...." we are walking along doing a normal shoot and Garrett starts to tell me about Free Running.  Have you ever heard of this???   Well I hadn't either so I asked him about it.  Instead of giving me a definition, Garrett gave me a demonstration!!  I am totally impressed!!

Back to his regular alter-ego...

Garrett....all I can say is "You Rock!!!"  This was so much fun for me!!  I say we figure out a time when we can just photograph the free running!!


carlotta cisternas said...

Garrett sounds like a super cool guy! Amazing shots.

Erin McFarland said...

What a cool kid! Love these shots Tara!