Thursday, October 21, 2010

Class of 2011 - Heidi {Graham Senior Photography}

If I had to use one word to describe Heidi, it would be "flexible".  We were supposed to do her session a week or so ago, but on that day it was POURING rain!!  However, she needed her head shots, so we met anyway!  We had someone holding an umbrella over her, and another person holding an umbrella over me...and you know what?  Heidi's head shots turned out beautifully!!  But I know few girls who would have endured those conditions without complaining!  (In fact, you can see some of her head shots on the Red Thread Facebook page.)

So I was glad when we got a BEAUTIFUL day for her session a few days later.  It was almost as beautiful as Heidi is...

Must say that I love the fall colors that are unfolding around us!!

So...not only is Heidi flexible with the weather, she was also willing to do whatever I asked her to do.  Sometimes on photoshoots that means trekking into places you would never go and sitting (or laying) on the ground.  At one point I had her sit down on the ground and evidently there was some sort of thorn bush...

...with the result being THIS!!  OK...I promise it wasn't poison ivy or anything...but Heidi just laughed it off and carried on.  (We did decide that if it started to spread, we would finish the session at the local emergency room though!!)

Sorry, Heidi!!  I obviously did nothing to diminish your super model looks!!


Heidi, it was so great to get to photograph you!!  Hope your senior year is AMAZING!!

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