Thursday, October 7, 2010

Kiss Me: Casey and Dusty {Tacoma Engagement Photography}

Casey and Dusty are in LOVE and full of laughter!!  They met at a party hosted by a mutual friend, got engaged at a Superbowl party...I can't wait to attend the party they are calling a wedding!!  Just being with them for a short time, I could tell they are good friends to each other and to others.  What a great foundation to build a marriage on!!

So the above picture is how Dusty makes Casey's toes curl when he kisses her....Dusty didn't want to be left out, so he demonstrated his foot pop below!!

Can we say sexy in the city??

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE those shoes, Casey!!  And Dusty, yours are pretty cool too!

So I always like to share little stories about our time together.  Get this one....Obviously their names are Casey and Dusty, but in the wedding party there is going to be a groomsman named Casey and a bridesmaid named Dusty!!!  How crazy is that???  I am going to be so confused!!

I just loved how much they laughed and had fun with each other!!  I wish I could have captured Casey's laugh to play here on the blog.  It is quick, light and totally infectious!

So...if you've ever been on a photo shoot with you, you know my propensity for standing in the middle of the street or laying down on the ground or climbing stuff.  Dusty told me that I should have some orange cones that I put out to keep myself safe.  Well......near the end of our session, he found an old cone laying around and I couldn't resist taking this one!!

This could be my favorite of the session!!  There was a thin beam of light illuminating them in that dark underpass.  I felt very much like the paparazzi at this moment!!

Casey and Dusty, I had a great time getting to know you!!  I can't wait for your big day next summer!!

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