Monday, November 29, 2010

The Color Purple {Seattle Family Photography}

This little one came to see me with her mom and dad...looking glorious in purple!!  I think she might be a holiday celebration all by herself!!  (I love those beautiful eyelashes!!)

I am partial to kissing.  We should kiss baby's cheeks whenever possible!!

So the crazy thing is that after a handful of days below freezing, we went outside and the temperature was probably 40....and it kind of felt a little balmy!!  (Oh...have I acclimated or what?  That is a LONG way from Phoenix temperatures!!)

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this one!!!

And then what can I say about this series??  I could have taken pictures of this little cutie all day long!!

Thanks M Family!!  You are all fun to be with and that little girl is just BEAUTIFUL!!!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas {Federal Way Family Photography}

Would anybody like to create a caption for this blog board??  What Christmas carol do you think it should go with??

With the weather getting cold, snow on the ground and light disappearing around 4 pm, I did a few pictures in the "studio" of some friends of ours.  I love this family!!  They are so FUN!!  (And I think their little girl is actually Cindy-Lou Who!!)

Can't put up any more of the pictures because it would be a spoiler for their holiday card...but here are two of my favorite Christmas elves (ummmm, reindeer??)....

So glad to get to photograph you, A Family!!

Friday, November 26, 2010

A Full Cup {Seattle Family Photography}

I had the opportunity to photograph this beautiful family just before the snow settled in on the Seattle area. Boy, am I glad we did the photo shoot when we did...the snow began to fall as I was driving away!

These 4 were such a pleasure to photograph. In fact, I felt more like a guest in their house who also happened to be taking pictures! I got to see them interact with one another, play with one another, and just be a family together!! (I am not going to put in any more pictures of just the four of them...I don't want to spoil a possible holiday card!!)

Both of their girls have such a sweet spirit about them. A little shy with a lot of inquisitiveness makes for beautiful pictures...

I love it when kids PLAY!!!

Miss B was quite the magician with cards!! She wowed me with card tricks, one that she had only learned the night before!



I *LOVE* this picture. It was near the end of our session and Miss J was done, done, done. But acted like she was tired, but then gave me this look! A little playful...a little sneaky!!

One of the family dogs...

I know it doesn't look like it, but we spent a bunch of time outside (as the temperature was slowly dropping...dropping), so when we came back in, we REALLY needed some hot chocolate!! And it also reminded me that our lives, like those cups, are meant to be full, bring warmth, and used to celebrate!!

Thank you, C Family!! It was a pleasure to hang out with you for a couple of hours and to capture a bit of your family life and love for each other!!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Breathe {inspiration for Wednesdays}

As I write this morning, I am looking out on a layer of snow on the ground and needing to drink lots of warm tea because the temperatures have dropped LOW here!  We had a snow day yesterday and will have another one today.  While it wasn't what I expected, it has been nice to slow down...not be able to drive...get things done at home...and take walks in the crunchy snow.  I am thankful for the "resting" that settles on us when the snow falls and settles on the ground (though I know it won't last long!).  But as I have been thankful for a the slower pace of the last couple of days, I have also been thinking about the simple act of giving thanks...

(Picture taken by a friend of mine..Chris Maddox)

Count your blessings
Then count them again...
...and again.

Fill your life with gratitude 
And you begin to see differently
The eyes of gratitude let in light
That permeates the whole body

Gratitude sweeps into our souls
...clearing out the cobwebs and dark corners
It power washes away the thick grime of stinginess
As we acknowledge we have received what we have not deserved.

To give thanks brings us into reality
It clears our minds of deception
And reminds us that it is not luck
But Grace that has been bestowed upon us.

To say "thank you" moves us close to the realm of faith
For we "willingly suspend disbelief"
And finally admit we are not alone.

Thanksgiving is not the day or the food
But rather the pausing, the remembering, the recounting...
...and the telling of stories.
Stories of how, when our hands were empty,
Suddenly they were full
Filled by some Mysterious Source.

Count your blessings
then count them again...
...and again.

Have a Blessed Thanksgiving.

Breathe, smile and go slowly.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Oh the Weather Outside is Frightful {Tacoma Family Photography}

It was a rainy, blustery, cold day...brrr!!  But this session was LONG overdue so we decided to keep it on the calendar and figure it out as we went along.  When we arrived to the location, the weather seemed to be shifting and there was a glimmer of clear skies, so we thought maybe we should start outside.  This little guy knew better....he just looked at us as if to say "Are you people crazy??" and ran straight to the warm arms of the first parent he could find!!

We moved inside where I got to see E in full action!!  He is almost 14 months and FULL of curiosity and energy...and more energy...and then more curiosity...

...but then of course, add to that mixture a dash of extremely handsome (especially in a tie!), and some giggling delightfulness!!

This red ball was a favorite toy of the morning...

And then came the cowboy hat and boots.  I don't think this little guy could get any more ADORABLE!!

(Just loved the "little boyness" of this...and the reflection!)

The red ball came back at the end of the session..

And I know that I am all done when the blankie comes out and the floor is looking like a good option for sleep!!

So good to be with you once again B Family!!  You all ROCK!!! 

Friday, November 19, 2010

One of my Favorites!! {Federal Way Family Photography}

Alright, so they already got a little cameo in the Holiday Card post, but I'd officially like to introduce you to one of my favorite families!!  Now, they are one of my favorites because first, they are so good looking! and secondly, I think my son thinks he has been adopted into their family!!  They are always so gracious with their time, inviting Luc to come along with them fact, I think their extended family thinks Luc is an adopted third child!!

Someone just told Dad that he doesn't have two sons.....  :)

I love this kiddo!!!  He is kind and adventurous and a good friend!!

And this cutie....well, she is bubbly, fun and has a depth to her soul that is well beyond her age.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the interaction between brothers and sisters...

Alright, I had to throw it is the "complete" family picture!  Why is my son front and center???

Hey B Family...I want you guys to know how much I totally love you!!  You are an amazing crew and we are blessed to have you in our lives!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Breathe {inspiration for Wednesdays}

Right now I am currently reading Walking on Water by Madeline L'Engle.  (I read her Wrinkle in Time series as a kid and fell in love with those characters and her amazing creativity!)  Walking on Water is a series of reflections on faith and art...I am enjoying it immensely!  Here is one of my favorite sections:

"All children are artists, and it is an indictment of our culture that so many of them lose their creativity, their unfettered imaginations, as they grow older.  But they start off without self-consciousness as they paint their purple flowers, their anatomically impossible people, their thunderous, sulphurous skies.  They don't worry that they may not be as good as DiChirico or Bracque;  they know intuitively that it is folly to make comparisons..."

It is folly to make comparisons....I like that!  I am learning not to compare my photography (or decorating, or mothering, or anything else for that matter) to anyone else's.  We are all artists in our own right and we produce a work uniquely ours because only we have an imagination and eyes to see it!  It is folly to compare  with anybody else for they do not have my eyes, my mind or my heart!

Breathe, smile and go slowly. 

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Head Shots - Jessie {Federal Way Portrait Photography}

This sweet girl is one smart cookie!! She is in college, but still technically high-school....OK, let me explain. She is still supposed to be in high school, but is attending a local community college. Her mom called me the other day and told me she was in need of some head shots (because they don't have "picture day" at college, evidently!!). I had a fun time with Jessie....and we did a few more images than just head shots. Enjoy!!

Jessie....I had a great time with you! You are BEAUTIFUL!!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Holiday Cards 2010

I have had some people asking, so I thought I'd design a handful of holiday cards for 2010. All cards are double sided, press-printed (meaning they are NOT printed on like traditional pictures, but on high quality paper), and come with envelopes.

Interested? Contact me as soon as possible! All orders must be in by December 12th.
(By the way, the first image of each set is the front of the card and the second image of each set is the back.)