Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Breathe {inspiration for Wednesdays}

As I write this morning, I am looking out on a layer of snow on the ground and needing to drink lots of warm tea because the temperatures have dropped LOW here!  We had a snow day yesterday and will have another one today.  While it wasn't what I expected, it has been nice to slow down...not be able to drive...get things done at home...and take walks in the crunchy snow.  I am thankful for the "resting" that settles on us when the snow falls and settles on the ground (though I know it won't last long!).  But as I have been thankful for a the slower pace of the last couple of days, I have also been thinking about the simple act of giving thanks...

(Picture taken by a friend of mine..Chris Maddox)

Count your blessings
Then count them again...
...and again.

Fill your life with gratitude 
And you begin to see differently
The eyes of gratitude let in light
That permeates the whole body

Gratitude sweeps into our souls
...clearing out the cobwebs and dark corners
It power washes away the thick grime of stinginess
As we acknowledge we have received what we have not deserved.

To give thanks brings us into reality
It clears our minds of deception
And reminds us that it is not luck
But Grace that has been bestowed upon us.

To say "thank you" moves us close to the realm of faith
For we "willingly suspend disbelief"
And finally admit we are not alone.

Thanksgiving is not the day or the food
But rather the pausing, the remembering, the recounting...
...and the telling of stories.
Stories of how, when our hands were empty,
Suddenly they were full
Filled by some Mysterious Source.

Count your blessings
then count them again...
...and again.

Have a Blessed Thanksgiving.

Breathe, smile and go slowly.

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