Friday, November 26, 2010

A Full Cup {Seattle Family Photography}

I had the opportunity to photograph this beautiful family just before the snow settled in on the Seattle area. Boy, am I glad we did the photo shoot when we did...the snow began to fall as I was driving away!

These 4 were such a pleasure to photograph. In fact, I felt more like a guest in their house who also happened to be taking pictures! I got to see them interact with one another, play with one another, and just be a family together!! (I am not going to put in any more pictures of just the four of them...I don't want to spoil a possible holiday card!!)

Both of their girls have such a sweet spirit about them. A little shy with a lot of inquisitiveness makes for beautiful pictures...

I love it when kids PLAY!!!

Miss B was quite the magician with cards!! She wowed me with card tricks, one that she had only learned the night before!



I *LOVE* this picture. It was near the end of our session and Miss J was done, done, done. But acted like she was tired, but then gave me this look! A little playful...a little sneaky!!

One of the family dogs...

I know it doesn't look like it, but we spent a bunch of time outside (as the temperature was slowly dropping...dropping), so when we came back in, we REALLY needed some hot chocolate!! And it also reminded me that our lives, like those cups, are meant to be full, bring warmth, and used to celebrate!!

Thank you, C Family!! It was a pleasure to hang out with you for a couple of hours and to capture a bit of your family life and love for each other!!

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