Friday, November 12, 2010

Kiss Me: Katie and Steve {Tacoma Engagement Photography}

It was a VERY wet and rainy day and I was worried that Katie and Steve would not be up for a fun engagement shoot.  But, as an ancient writer once said, "many waters cannot quench the flame of love"....and so I had the privilege of capturing the adoration these two have for each other!  The rain was not going to stop us!!

Before they even got there, the downpour was so heavy, I thought we would have to do the entire shoot inside a set of garages or undercover....

...which didn't really seem to deter either Katie or Steve!

But the rain did let up a bit and so we ventured out...and I got to see these two lovebirds playing, flirting, and laughing with one another.

Katie put on this amazing dress...and these amazing shoes...

...and I shot this amazing picture!  (Thanks for being so amazing guys!!)

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this one!!  They just began to dance out on the bridge and I love the laughter on Katie's face.  Plus, if you look really close, you can see that the raindrops decided to do some dancing with them.  I am pretty sure Katie is laughing because she is getting wet!!

As quickly as it came down, the rain went away and left us with a beautiful rainbow (can you see it off to the right??)  

I really like how they look at each other...

Katie and Steve...thanks for sticking in there through the rain, cold and crazy ideas!!  I cannot wait for July!!

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