Monday, November 1, 2010

Last of the Phoenicians {Litchfield Park Family Photography}

These last few pictures will conclude the wonderful families that I got to photograph during my time in Phoenix.  Sigh....I miss the warmth, the beautiful sunshine and above all, all these people!!

When I arrived at the M Family's house, there was a crying baby, an inquisitive little girl and a frazzled mom.  As they sometimes do, this morning was not going well!!  I am an old friend of mom's so we decided to just wait on pictures, sit down and catch up on life.  What a great choice!!  We got to have great conversations, that little baby boy went to sleep for a long time, and this little girl played oh-so-nicely while her mom and I talked.  No more frazzled mom....happy kids....sounds like a great formula for a few FUN pictures!!

One thing I know about photographing kids is that if you can let them play (or hold on to their favorite toys) they are much happier about having their picture taken.  This set of pictures is one part play, one part pick-up-the-camera-in-the-middle-of-it-all!!

A very motivated crawler toward his football....

...and who doesn't LOVE sidewalk chalk??

Of course, I still believe that parents are the best toys that kids have!!  (We wish Dad would have been in town this day...but we'll get him next time!!)

Love you M Family!!  Thanks for playing, for coffee and for great conversations!!

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