Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Breathe {inspiration for Wednesdays}

Well, if Oprah can do can I!!  I thought I'd list a few of my favorite things here for a lovely lighthearted Breathe post today!!  (Unfortunately, I cannot promise that all readers are going home with each item.  Sorry!  But maybe it will encourage you to try something new and I'd love it if you would leave a comment about one of your favorite things!)

First, Smashbox makeup...what can I say?  I LOVE it!!  It makes my skin look and feel great.  And I discovered it after a handful of my brides from 2010 were using it.  Their skin looked AMAZING in the photos!!

This is an Epiphanie camera bag!!  I am totally enamored with it and I always get so many compliments on it!  People are totally surprised to find out that it's a camera bag.  (For those photographers out holds a camera body and 3 lenses with space for my wallet.  It would hold a little more if I had a smaller wallet!!)

Chocolate is a MUST on a favorite things list.  Need I list any reasons?  (Just in case you need a little reasoning to put it on your favorite thing list, here is a little logic from my son....the other day he was trying to talk me into a snack of apples, peanut butter and chocolate.  To which he explained to me, "Mom, you get your protein, fruit and...happiness!!)

Yoga is one of my favorites because it makes my body feel so great!!  It brings me almost as much happiness as a good piece of dark chocolate!!  (My studio of choice is Three Trees Yoga.)

Of course, my family had to be on a list of my favorite things!!  But I specifically love that they like to do crazy, goofy things (like blowing bubbles on the roof of our house!)

My new favorite medium for images has got to be a canvas!!  I love the size, the chunkiness and how it just creates a work of art out of families!!

That being said, I ALSO love these little mini-accordion books!!  They come as a choice with each senior session, but they are so great I am thinking I might try to offer them with more sessions.  They are press printed, display multiple images and fit neatly (and easily) into a purse!

So this is my NEWEST favorite thing...just found it yesterday!!  Back in November, I gave up drinking coffee.  Now, after you pick yourself up off the floor from the shock of that last sentence, I did it initially as a way to fast from something.  However, 4 days into my abstinence, I noticed that pain I had been having in my joints for about 4 years, was gone!  (Not just diminished, but GONE!!)  It is the only change I made in my lifestyle and so I have to think that my giving up coffee is making my bones feel better...not sure why...but I like the results!!  However, it has been hard for me to walk by a coffee pot and I have to say I miss a nice warm cup of joe in the wintery afternoon.  So...(and I promise I am about to make my point)...a friend introduced me to this little item yesterday.  It is a coffee substitute made out of dandelion.  It actually tastes good (it is coffee-ish enough) AND it is good for my liver!!  Will wonders never cease!!

My last favorite thing is Word and Image put together!  I am hoping to create some art work this year from still-life images and add some beautiful words to them!  There is such power in both!!

Hope you enjoyed these favorite things!!  Leave a comment and tell me yours.  And just so you know, for a couple weeks posts will be intermittent as I celebrate the holidays with my family!  (But check back because you just might get to see some of our crazy antics!)

May this quote from Mother Teresa ring true in our lives this season!  May we love well...and may we not measure it, but just give it generously!!

Breathe, smile and go slowly.

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