Friday, December 31, 2010

More Christmas Fun! {My Family}

We returned home to a MUCH chillier climate...brrrr...I am just trying to keep warm!  I am missing days where flip flops and sunglasses are a necessity!  Anyway...I thought I'd share a little more of our Christmas adventures with you.  Ten days goes by quickly and here is a little how we filled it...

Tea parties and rock climbing...(LOVE AZ on the Rocks!!)

We had the privilege of taking some food down to a refugee family from Burma.  Though they speak very (VERY) little English and we speak no Burmese, the language of smiles and generosity seemed to be fully welcome and understood!
(Then I just had to put in the temperature on Christmas Eve.  It actually got to 72 degrees...I was a happy woman!!)

Nana and her grandkids!!

Christmas Eve fun...opening presents and playing with cousins!!

We also had the privilege of attending this little guy's first birthday!  Some dear friends of ours adopted this little cutie a little over a year ago and we were glad to come celebrate his first year of life!!

This year, with my husband's family, we decided to not exchange gifts, but rather give the gift of experiences and hanging out together.  I HIGHLY recommend it!!  The kids had so much fun...and well, so did the adults!!  (We did the sky diving first, rock climbing, and lastly....JumpStreet!!)

You can see how everyone in the family has their own little flair and style.  (What is funny is that I didn't realize my husband and his brother wore the exact same clothing until I was editing these pictures this morning!!)

My boys!!

All four grandkids...each a little dramatic in their own right!!  However, I want you to take special notice of the bottom left picture.  My niece worked all evening to get that front flip...way to go girl!!

Hope your holidays were merry and bright!!  Happy New Year to all!!

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