Thursday, January 13, 2011

Breathe Some More....{inspiration for Thursdays too?} I know that yesterday was Wednesday and I already did a Breathe post.  I also know I should hold on to this link for next Wednesday and make it my Breathe post then.  But I can't....because it is WAY too good...and some of us need to watch this, hear this, and take it in right now.
(There is one small swear the way, so make sure little ears are not too close!!)

It is a 20 minute talk by Brene Brown on The Power of Vulnerability.  It may be the best 20 minutes you spend this week...

May we all be deeply vulnerable and lean into joy!

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Bethany said...

Oh, Tara, thank you for posting this. I cried through almost the whole thing (laughed out loud too... but threw tears). I needed to watch this. Thank you.