Sunday, January 2, 2011

Kiss Me: Erin and Kevin {Phoenix Engagement Photography}

Erin and Kevin were part of the family session from yesterday, but since they are newly engaged, I thought they deserved their very own post.  Do they make a cute couple or what??

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that ring!!  Kevin is an architect and his good design eye is evident in his choice of ring!!  Way to go Kevin!!

Alright, so I did another ring picture like this, but in the process I caught these sweet looks on Erin and Kevin's faces.  I could tell they are not the kind of people who would scream "Take my picture!!", so having me direct and hover around them created this sweet moment between the two.


Have you ever been with two people and you could just sense they were made for one another?  That is how it was with Erin and Kevin.  Both of them have a calm quietness about them...and I sense that there is lots of deep conversation that happens between them.  Just thinking about the two of them together makes me say "This is good!"

These two even have their own "Red Thread" story.  As far as I understand it, they connected a few years back over the internet, but that connection never went anywhere.  Fast forward a few years and they met in person at the church they both attend....and well, here they are planning a wedding!  Now that is the strength of the Red Thread!

Erin and Kevin, it was a privilege to photograph the two of you!  I wish you all the best as your two lives become one!

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