Friday, January 7, 2011

Lots of Love {Scottsdale Family Photography}

Once upon a time, there were two people who had lots of love to give...

Along came four very adorable (but sometimes punky) children who could grow tall and strong in that love.  They wondered to themselves, "Who will come love us with a really big love even when our parents think we are being punky?"

Then one day, the two people met the four children and they squeezed their love into those four kids....

...and laughed at all their jokes, played silly games with them, took them on trips, fed them delicious food, and bought them things the parents never would.  They had so much fun with those four kids...and when they started to become punky...they sent them home!  {The end.}

The four children being charming, sweet and lovely..

...then a little punkiness is in order...

And I guess a photo shoot wouldn't be complete without total punkiness..

Sometimes grandparents don't believe that their sweet amazing grandchildren could ever be even a little mischievous or sneaky...but I caught it on camera!!

So..if you haven't guessed already this is my family - my in-laws, my niece, nephew and my kids.  We had a fun family photo session when were in Arizona for the Christmas holidays.  It is always a privilege to photograph the love between grandparents and their grandkids!!

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