Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Little Ladybug's Birthday {Seattle Children's Photography}

I got to photograph a little ladybug's first birthday last weekend...OK, so she isn't really a ladybug, just as cute as one!  And this little ladybug's mom went all out on the details to celebrate this first year of life!!  

You can see one more detail on the door behind this cutie...I think that big "K" is wonderful!!  Of course, it let all the guests know that this was the place for Kendall's birthday!

Mom and Dad are totally in love with this little ladybug...and who can blame them?

A few friends came to play, enjoy cake and join the celebration!!  (Oh yeah...they brought their parents too!)

Kendall was so cute as her guests arrived!!  She smiled at them, waved at them and wanted to give kisses!!  She played a fun game with grandpa...pretending to share some snacks with him before she pulled them away and ate them herself!!  So....she is a sneaky little ladybug too!

Checking out the cake...a moment later, that little left hand came super close to grabbing a part of it!

Not to worry...Kendall soon got a nice big piece to enjoy!!

OK...I had to put these images in because I was so impressed with Grandma.  When Kendall was letting everyone know that she was all done with her cake, Grandma came over to help.  And Kendall took it as an opportunity to paint Grandma's face!!  I love grandmas....what might unnerve us moms, grandmas take all in stride out of a large heart of adoration for their grandkids!!

Happy Birthday, Kendall!!  You are the cutest one year old ladybug I have ever met!

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