Friday, February 4, 2011

Two Beautiful Ladies {Seattle Engagement Photography}

Who in their right mind goes out on a blustery, cold, cold, day to do engagement pictures???   Oh yeah...I guess that would be me!  The weather man told us it was going to be partly sunny, but I didn't see any sunshine, just lots of wind, waves, and beautiful smiles from these two!!

Jen and Ashley were AMAZING to work with!!  Not only did we laugh our way through this session, they took their jackets on and off and stood in the blowing wind while I promised them we were getting amazing shots (while my fingers were also starting to freeze!).  Here is a sampling of those great images:

I love this first set with the balloons!!  Jen and Ashley are so fun and playful with each other, it was a real privilege to get to capture their love for one another!!

Of course, I like their serious side too!!  

I love being out at the beach with couples...

....I also love it when I get to meet other members of the family!! I had to put this picture in because it shows what Jen and Ashley wore anytime I would let them!  As soon as I gave them the word, these nice warm jackets went on....this is truly a Seattle-in-January picture!

Of course, a blanket is always good for keeping warm too!!  (*LOVE* this picture!!)

Jen and Ashley, it was a privilege to photograph you two!!  I had a wonderful time and am so looking forward to your wedding this summer!!


Unknown said...

Fantastic Photos!!!!

Erin McFarland said...

the textured one on the beach is AMAZING!! beautiful job as always Tara!

Julie McAleenan said...

These are great photos! You were able to capture their true emotions. :) Can't wait to see the wedding photos!