Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Breathe {inspiration for Wednesdays}

Spring is almost here!  The gray sky and rain continue, but tiny buds on the branches will not be deterred.  They have slumbered through the cold dark of winter.  Like me, they have longed for the lengthening of days - to extend the light's caresses just a few moments more each day.

Spring is almost here!  The skeleton trees - devoid of the flesh of their leaves - reach bony fingers skyward.  Their once smooth limbs now show small bumps, signs of new life.  These buds still seek the safety of their encasements, not wanting to appear too early or too late.  Cold and snow remain lurking threats that lead to sure death......But at some point, one bud must be the first to leave behind what it was to become what it was meant to be.  It is that first bud that I applaud...for its courage.

Spring is almost here!  The time for risk has come!

Breathe, smile and go slowly.

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