Monday, April 25, 2011

Can You Hear the Music?? {My family}

A mama is allowed to be proud, right??  I got home from my trip and the next morning got to go to my son's track meet.   Can't you just hear the Chariots of Fire music playing???

There is a line in the movie (Chariots of Fire) where Eric Liddell tells his sister..."But God also made me fast, and when I run I feel His pleasure!"  (I think this picture looks a little like that!)

At the first track meet the boy running next to Luc beat him.  The story was a little different this time around, as the bottom picture shows!!

I was so impressed this this dude!!  He ran the relay (and his team qualified for the next meet), then he ran the 100m (and he qualified), then he ran the 800m - CRAZY!!! - (and he qualified for that), and after all those, he ran the 200m (and even qualified for that one AFTER running the 800!!)  I think if I could harness his energy, I'd be rich!!

The 800 metre....

My mama's heart was swelling with pride at my little boy... was his dad's!!

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