Monday, April 11, 2011

A Mom and Her Girls {Federal Way Family Photography}

A funny thing happened the other day...the clouds rolled away, the sky turned blue, and this big burning ball (I think other people call it the sun) appeared in the sky!  AND these three lovely ladies graced my camera!!

Jessie (the older daughter) is a dancer, so she thought she would teach Mom and Nicki how to skip "down the yellow brick road".

I think Tricia is one HOT MAMA!!

But her girls (as with all kids) keep her humble and down to earth!!  (And probably make her question her sanity at times!!)

Look at this beautiful girl!! look AMAZING!!

You too, Jessie!!

I really enjoyed watching these two interact...such sweet sisters!

Thanks Tricia, Jessie and Nicki!!  You were so fun to hang out with in our little pocket of sunshine!!

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