Thursday, April 7, 2011

Motion Picture Family {Seattle Family Photography}

Meet my motion picture family....not because they are in movies, but because we had to take pictures while in constant motion with this little guy!!  I LOVE being with full of life and fun, even an "ordinary" day is interesting to photograph!!   I do believe I called them my Rock Star family on the last session, and they still are...they've just added a lot of motion as this little guy has grown!!

We started off at home in the backyard...Gabe decided to pick some flowers for his mom.  (And yes, I know the bottom left picture is out of focus.  I had a fixed lens on and couldn't get any further back, but I just LOVE his I put the picture in!)

Headed down to Pike Place Market...

...and did all the things that an urban-dwelling families do.

I wish I could show a series of pictures from everything we did down at the Market, but this post would be SUPER long.  Suffice it to say, we chased pigeons, touched fish, climbed in and out of chairs, bulldozed our way through the crowds, said hello to all the dogs, tore a piece off the posters going into Post Alley, ate our first plum and watched the ships...Whew!!!  Then we sat and took a little break...

I love that mom and dad had the skateboard in the car!  Gabe is a little bigger than the last time I photographed him on it...he really knows how to move it!!

Quite possibly one of my favorite pictures...ever!!

Mom took Gabe for a ride, but he was SO sad when he couldn't do it all by himself!!

We quickly found new ways to occupy going up and down the stairs.

Or running through the sculpture park.

(Another different kind of family portrait!) 

Once back at home, I got to see the many faces of Gabe.  (I think the last one is his is-this-lady-ever-going-to-be-done-taking-pictures? face.)

Getting tired...but not too tired to introduce me to his stuffed monkey, Taco.

Thanks M Family!!  I had so much fun with you (again!) and absolutely loved getting to photograph you in motion!!

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