Thursday, May 5, 2011

Class of 2011 - Brooke {Graham Senior Photography}

So glad to get to photograph this sweet girl again!!  It is always fun to photograph seniors in the fall and then again in the see them again, to see how they've changed, and to learn what new directions they will be headed in!!  

Brooke brought along her sweet sister....and since it is almost Mother's Day, I am posting this picture for mom!!

I think Brooke is just gorgeous (I am absolutely jealous of those long legs!!), but she is also kind and sweet.  She is also tenacious!  For those of you who don't want to go find a dictionary...
[tuh-ney-shuhs]  -adjective 1. holding fast; characterized by keeping a firm hold
Brooke really wanted to get her senior pictures done and so we tried a few days earlier to coordinate it.  The weather, however, was not looking so great and I was pretty unsure about it.  Brooke held fast and met me anyway but by the time we met, it was pouring rain. However, I really think she would have been willing to endure the cold and wet if I had given her a thumbs up.  As it turned out, we decided to try a few days later...and *voila!* the sun even showed up to our photo shoot.

So...I tell the above story, not to make fun, but to applaud Brooke.  Sure, tenaciousness can look strong willed (or stubborn - to a mom or dad!), but I think it is a beautiful thing.  For a young woman, about to leave for college, a strong will is a WONDERFUL characteristic!  Bravo to you Brooke, for speaking your mind and working toward what you wanted!!  Keep doing that in the direction of your dreams!!!

Alright...enough of that....I LOVE this little set!  This dress is just stunning, Brooke!!

So glad we waited for the sunshine!!

Not only is Brooke beautiful in color, but looks great in black and white!!

Brooke, it was wonderful to photograph you again!!  I wish you the best in the future!  Keep being tenacious!!

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Erin McFarland said...

oh wow Tara! these turned out so stunning! Brooke and her sister are gorgeous too! and I spring has sprung in WA :) love the flowers, green and sunshine! xoxo