Monday, May 2, 2011

Kiss Me: Ashlee and Nick {Edmonds Engagment Photography}

It was what I will call our second day of spring...if you live in the Pacific Northwest, you'll understand what I am talking about.  (The first day was about a week ago; the third was, we are back to winter!) was as though the sun knew that I was going to photograph a young couple in love and it shined its rays down on us!!

If I could pick one word to describe Ashlee and Nick, it would be FUN!!  They are playful with one another and so full of laughter!  (I think some of this playfulness comes from Nick's propensity to jump out of planes and other extreme things!!)

(And let's not forget...very good looking!!)

I think I heard that when these two met in college, they didn't really like one another.  I think those days are over!!!  Now these two have this sweet, energetic dog who, you can tell, is the baby in their household.  He was so cute!!

I think this might be one of my favorites from our session.  

These two went down to the beach and spent some time walking hand-in-hand and then stole a little dance with one another.  (SO fun to photograph them!!!)

No engagement session is complete without a picture of THE RING!!  (And a little sneak peak of my new logo...still working on it just a little!!)

Again...their playfulness with one another was a delight to capture!!

When I go to pick out images for the blog, I always realize I pick ones that often do not have the couple looking at the camera.  (After all, when they do so many fun things, how can I not put those images up??)  However, I thought I'd end with this one...a beautiful, beautiful couple!!  (And check out Ashlee's shoes!!)

Ashlee and Nick....I am so excited for your big day in September!!  Thanks for hanging out with me on one of our beautiful spring days!!

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Sandy* said...

You are awesome Tara !
Thanks for doing such a wonderful job. You have a very artistic eye.
See you in September, Sandy*