Friday, May 13, 2011

Kiss Me: Carol and Jed {Browns Point Wedding Photography}

From all over the globe these two found each other...Singapore, Costa Rica, Jakarta, and probably some countries I am unaware of.   Jed and Carol are FINALLY reunited and getting married in about three weeks!  (Phew...isn't it good to be on the same continent?)

  It was so fun to photograph Jed and Carol because they needed little encouragement to laugh, snuggle, and enjoy one another.  Ahhh...absence does make the heart grow fond!!

So I have it on good authority that Carol may have been the first one to propose...even before she knew it!!  Evidently they met at a gathering for missionary kids and as part of it had to take a Myers-Briggs Inventory.  Carol, being a good ENFP, sat with all the other ENFP's and couldn't wait until the "lecture" was over so she could (what else?) talk about it.  During the session she learned that often ENFP's do best in marriage with their opposites.  Upon the wrap up of the teacher, Carol quickly stood up and asked where all the ISTJ boys were....I am, by the way, quite certain all those boys had great fear in identifying themselves to this vivacious young woman.  When Jed found the courage to be the only one who spoke, she announced they were the opposites and "So you should marry me!!"

Although they didn't date at that time, it is obvious Jed is no dummy.  He took that as an invitation and I bet he does not regret it for one moment!!  (Just to be clear...I have it on even better authority that he was the one who officially proposed!)

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the picture below!!

I believe we got about 30 minutes into our photo session when (as it so often does), it began to rain.  Good thing that "many waters cannot quench the flame of love"!!

I have to say that this last one may be my favorite.  I so love watching how much they enjoy one another.

Jed and Carol...I cannot wait for you big day!!  It will be a great gathering of the nations to celebrate your love and commitment to each other!!

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Diana said...

Beautiful photos, they are so clearly in love with each other. I love the one under the umbrella.