Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Marry Me: Carol and Jed {Brown's Point Wedding Photography}

Saturday was a day of love and celebration as friends and family, gathered from all over the world, came to watch Jed and Carol get married. It was an amazing day and I am honored to have been a part of it.

Like every bride and groom, thoughtfulness went into the details....from the blue hydrangeas in the bouquet to the hand drawn order of service (a gift from a friend); from the fabric that Carol brought with her when she moved back from Jakarta a few weeks ago to the jewelery and the faith traditions they both share.

Before I go any further, I have my own personal story to share....my family has known Jed for a handful of years now and it is kind of its own "red thread" story. His parents and my family have mutual friends who live in Singapore, so when Jed was moving into the area, those friends gave us Jed's information and told us to have him over for dinner. Boy...are we glad we did! Jed is a "red thread" friend...we were already connected but we just hadn't met! When he and Carol let us know they were getting married, we offered our house for some of their friends to stay at....and now I have more "red thread" friends after this weekend - some from England, Texas and Kentucky.

Carol was STUNNING in her wedding gown!!

I always love the getting ready part of the wedding. What takes the bride and bridesmaids a couple of hours, the groom and groomsmen do in about 4 minutes flat! Guys sometimes just do not understand the process that needs to go in to looking beautiful on the wedding day!

I am always glad when the bride and groom decide to do a first look. I think it helps everyone relax and have more fun!! Since Jed and Carol both come from a strong Christian background, as I put this series together, I thought the story in the second chapter of Genesis could provide captions to these pictures....

(upper left) - It is not good for man to be alone.
(upper right) - So God made a helper suitable for him
(middle right) - And God brought her to the man
(bottom right) - in the Hebrew text after the words "And the man said..." there is a sort of loud pause, which can be translated as "WHOO HOO!!!"
(bottom left) - for this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and cleave to his wife.

So I finally left them along for a few minutes, but was still a little nosy!!

The bridal party could not have been more fun!! I know there were a few countries represented in the group, including but not limited to....Singapore, Costa Rica, United Kingdom, Indonesia, United States....please forgive me if I forgot yours!!

It was supposed to be pouring rain on Saturday, but obviously God knew Carol's favorite color was blue and His gift was the blue, blue skies!! After a few pictures with the bridal party down at the beach, I sent them away for just some of Jed and Carol.

This sweet 90-year old couple was at the beach and agreed to help hold the bouquet while Jed and Carol danced on the sand. (I think it might be good luck to have a much older married couple help on your wedding day like this!!)

Caught them kissing in the back seat of my car!!

The ceremony was beautiful!! Both of their dads are pastors and both took part in the service (and neither one cried! I'm impressed!)

I always love it when we get to the reception...there is a sense of "whew!" and "now we can relax and have some fun!!"

Are there really any words needed for this picture??

I had to put a few more of the bridal party in!! Jed's mom had bought umbrellas for all the rain that never showed up, but we decided to pull them out anyway! I think the girls were way more thrilled with them than the boys!!

Jed and Carol got into the fun!!

Carol put special touches at the reception too! The blue adorned the cake and tables...as well as beautiful batik cloth from Jakarta and the party favors of the coolest chopsticks EVER!!

This is a crew of "kids" who grew up in Costa Rica together...

The sunset was probably another gift from God...

Carol changed into this cute dress she brought back from Jakarta....and boy, could the wedding guests make A LOT of bubbles!!!

Jed and Carol....it was a privilege to capture a piece of your story!! May God bless your marriage!


janet said...

SUCH great pictures, Tara, and SUCH a beautiful wedding, Jed & Carol! Congrats!!!

jjbug said...

Tara, your pics are beautiful! I'd love to see you in action at a wedding. I often wonder...how'd she get that shot? My daughter Jill and I always enjoy looking through your pictures together. Today she said, "I want HER to do my wedding." Well, she turns 13 on Thursday so we have a little while:)

Rachel said...

Tara, theyre wonderful photos fitting for such a great event!!! It was so nice to be a part of it and get to know everyone :-)

Tara Malouf said...

Thank you for your kind words!! It really was such a great international celebration!! It was really fun to photograph them!

The Woo-Hoo Gal said...

Carol and her family are friends of ours from Costa Rica. I am simply blown away by the stunning photos you have captured of this gorgeous day! I would love to post a link to my brand new blog with your permission.


Keep shining!

Aunty Doris said...

Wow Wow Wee!!! Such beautiful Bride and handsome groom. Congrats
as you begin your journey as husband and wife. Looking forward to your wedding reception in Singapore.Carol Will you be wearing the Bright red chinese costume known as "Kwai"I think it will look good on you.