Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Marry Me: Lindsay and Nick Part 1 {Issaquah Wedding Photography}

Ahh.. the first wedding of the "season", so you know I am about to post way too many pictures!  (But I'm not...because I am going to post half the pictures today and half on Thursday!!)  So grab a cup of coffee, settle in and join in a most wonderous celebration!!

As I left Nick and Lindsay's wedding on Saturday night, I stopped to say goodbye to Lindsay's mom and let her know what a beautiful event the whole day had been.  She looked at me earnestly and said "Really?"  (Not that she didn't think it was amazing, but she didn't have a lot to compare it to.)  I looked back at her and assured her it had been a wonderful day, but more than that...there was a sweetness to the day that I could almost taste.  The love of family and friends was such a strong presence on Saturday, it added a dimension to the day that, though unmeasurable, was so apparent.  (Imagine that feeling when you put a small piece of really good chocolate in your mouth and it begins to melt....eyes close and an "mmmmm" comes to your lips.  That is what this wedding was like!)

The started with the weather trying to dampen our spirits, but I think the colors Lindsay chose brought joy and smiles to us!  Her flowers were AMAZING...and I so liked the fact she loves her bridesmaids so much, she bought flip flops for them to wear during the reception.  What a bride!

Is there any better way to start of your wedding day than with a Blizzard?  I think not!  The party was officially going in the hotel room during the "getting ready" bit of things!  (Lindsay even got a last minute haircut!)

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this picture!  First...because Lindsay is so beautiful.  Second...check out those gorgeous earrings (gift from mom...see pictures below).  Lastly...do you notice that sunshine coming through the window??  Ha!  We laugh at the weatherman....we know Someone larger was at work with that weather!

Lindsay and mom...

There were so many special, sweet (remember that chocolate-melting-in-your-mouth feeling) moments from the day.  One that was a little bittersweet though, was the thought of a good friend who is no longer with them.  Lindsay honored her by wearing one of her rings...

Getting ready....

Lindsay carried her grandmother's rosary around her bouquet.

The bride and groom chose to do a "first look".  I LOVE the look on Nick's face here!  Does he have any idea of the gorgeous woman just a few feet away from him?

Lindsay also wanted to do a "first look" with her dad.  (I have to say that it took all my willpower not to cry during these few moments.)

Lindsay and Nick (and guests)....sorry to do this to you.  I leave you with this picture of the gorgeous couple.  This is "to be continued"!  Stop by again on Thursday for the rest!!

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