Thursday, May 12, 2011

Marry Me: Lindsay and Nick Part 2 {Issaquah Wedding Photography}

Here is the rest of Lindsay and Nick's story....

...the ceremony...

The wedding party was full of FUN people!!  I said in the previous post that there was such a sweetness amongst family and friends.  This was especially true with the bridal party....they were ALL celebrating with (and for) Lindsay and Nick!

The gorgeous bride...once again!!

The rain stayed away (for the most part) until the reception.  I am glad we had an umbrella...and glad the bride and groom were willing to head out in the chilly weather!!

The reception was BEAUTIFUL!!  It was at The Pickering Barn (amazing venue, by the way, for any future brides reading this!!)

A little shout out to some of the vendors of this wedding, because they were all great!!
DJ was Darin Hanson (contact...hansondarin (at)
Tuxedos and Tennis Shoes did the delicious catering!
And I wish I could give you info on those gorgeous flowers, but a family friend did them and I am not sure she has a business (although don't we all wish we had a friend like that??)

Loved these two little I had to capture their escapades!


...and more dancing.....

It all made for an amazing day!! 

Thank you, Lindsay and Nick!  It was a privilege to get to capture a piece of your story!!

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