Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Breathe {inspiration for Wednesdays}

(On vacation right now and trying to take a rest before what seems to be a pretty busy summer...but thought I'd share some {breathe} thoughts with you.)
Right now I am back at the location I spent almost every summer of my life.  I woke up to the sound of waves lapping on the shore and the sunlight pushing its way through the cottony clouds.  It is here - from the lake, the surrounding nature, from the night sky - that I was first wooed by beauty to believe in a Creator.

On a walk the other day, I felt that wooing pull at my heart (and pull my lips up into a smile) as I stood amazed at the wildflowers that spring up on the forest floor.  They are tiny and delicate, but they stand tall in all their radiance.  Purples, pinks, yellows and whites explode from rocky ground, from the middle of tall grasses, or peek out from heavy undergrowth.  To those who slow down to really see them, they are magnificent!

But are these patches of glory wasteful - growing up in the middle of forests where few will ever see them?  Tiny white petals may blanket a hillside that will be seen by no one.  Does this make them less lovely because they are not "useful"?

It dawned on me that these are pragmatic questions, asked by a culture set on meaning, usefulness, and practical application.  But Beauty doesn't need a practical application.  It just is...and whether anyone sees those wildflowers or not, they still sing with beauty.  They do not need to "do" something in the forest, nor do they need to be collected to sit in a vase on the table.  They are created for beauty...nothing less.

So it is with humans too.  While yes, we introduce ourselves by what we "do", and we try to find meaning in how we impact others around us, we would do well to remember that we are very much like those wild flowers.  We are created by Love and created for beauty.  Whether we feel small and insignificant - whether anyone sees us at all - we are seen by a Creator who smiles with delight and declares us beautiful.

May we all be wooed by small bits of beauty.  And may those bits lead us to believe that there is a Smile that follows us - beyond any of our practical applications - and invites us to hear the words "You're beautiful".
Breathe, smile and go slowly.


Erin McFarland said...

needed to hear this today. thanks my friend :)

vicki said...

Thanks, Tara. Awesome.