Thursday, June 9, 2011

Kiss Me: Rachel and Jason {Des Moines Engagement Photography}

As I edited the pictures of these two, the song "Anchors away, my boys...anchors away" kept running through my head!  And in some ways it is true.  These two are about to set sail on the most amazing adventure of their lifetime!  However, before their July wedding date, they decided to do some engagement pictures down at the marina where Jason has his boat docked.  We had SUCH a great time...and these two were really fun to photograph!!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this image!!

Both of these two are so classy and beautiful (handsome), but they were also so playful and full of joy with one another!  It is moments like these on the blue wall that I could capture all day long!

How could we resist???  The ball and chain were just laying there, beckoning us....

Rachel was also a VERY good sport!!  She let Jason push her in this cart and as you can tell from her expressions, it was a bit of a wild ride!!

Some silliness mixed with seriousness make for good ingredients for beginning (and continuing) a marriage!

Caught them dancing!  I love how much fun these two have with each other!!

Again...I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this image too!  There is something so amazing about Rachel's smile and laugh....and I am sure Jason agrees with me too!

Rachel and Jason, thank you for the pleasure of photographing you and your love for each other!  I am SO excited for your wedding!!


Anonymous said...

Rachel and Jason,
These are absolutely two look so wonderfully happy together...Love all of them. Mary Kaye

Anonymous said...

Rachel & Jason,
These photos certainly capture the love that you share. God bless you and congratulations,

Amy Kaylor Photography said...

;o) Yes, the ball and chain picture was so super fun! But my favorite is them on the walkway with their reflection. Gorgeous!!