Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Marry Me: Erin and Kevin {Phoenix Wedding Photography}

I recently got to travel to Phoenix to photograph this AMAZING couple's wedding! It was a few degrees warmer than in my home town, but these two were fantastic to brave the heat!!

Erin was not only a gorgeous bride, but a very relaxed one as well...

...she showed me her powers of flexibility during her make-up appointment. Although she had a set appointment for 11am, her hairdresser finished early so we ventured to the mall to see if anyone had an earlier appointment. We asked around to a few places until we finally found one...but all the while, Erin was calm and collected. She never worried or tried to control the situation...I knew it was going to be a great day!! (Don't you just love those shoes, by the way?!?!?)

The groom (pretty calm himself) awaiting his bride...

OK...so any of you who follow the blog know that I absolutely LOVE when the bride and groom choose a "First Look" - to see each other before the wedding in a secluded place. Those moments are always so special, as they get to interact with each other very differently than they would seeing one another for the first time during the ceremony.

I hope you feel the tenderness and love that I felt in that room...

OK...I LOVE this picture!! (My second shooter, Amy, took it. Way to go, Amy!!)

Erin had a little retro vibe going on...and I adored those flowers (which, by the way, you won't see much of because we didn't want them to wilt in the 100+ degree weather!!)


This was a fun bridal party as well...and brave too since they braved the heat as well!! I had to put the top picture in because it is just classic. We were in the middle of pictures and of course there were sports on TV and voila...all attention gone!! (Oh boys!!)

The ceremony, held at their church, was beautiful and full of meaning. The only thing that threw me off was that kiss in the middle of it all. I almost missed it! (You should have given me a heads up, Father Chris!!) It was good thing that Erin and Kevin like each other and lingered long at that kiss!

After the ceremony we headed back downtown for a few more pictures. We had some time to kill (or time to kiss, whichever you prefer) and it was a little cooler. We headed into the convention center for that picture on the right...lots of reflections!

Erin's parents were our chauffeurs on this picture adventure and so we got to capture this picture of Erin with the two most important men in her life.

(Once again, thanks to Amy for the two pictures on the right. It is fun to have a second shooter to get a different angle of the same thing!)

Erin and Kevin will begin married life as urban dwellers (ie. they will live downtown). What a great picture for the beginning of life together!!

Thank you to Amy Kaylor, my second shooter!! You were amazing to work with and have a great eye! (One funny thing...when I first met Amy, she looked at me and said "You are shorter than I thought you would be". I don't think, until I looked at this picture, I realized just how much shorter I am!!)

The reception was at the Sheraton in downtown Phoenix. The room was breathtaking, the food delicious, and the staff absolutely wonderful!!

It was such a fun reception!! I loved that they did a couples dance...where all the couples go out on the dance floor and then as the DJ announces a certain number of years of marriage, they leave the floor. The "last couple standing" (so to speak) was Erin's grandparents!! They have been married for almost 60 years!! What a legacy to pass on to a brand new married couple!!

Congratulations Erin and Kevin!! It was a pleasure to be at the wedding and to get to capture so many moments of the day!

(There are a couple more pictures on the Red Thread facebook page...)


debbiemellberg said...

You've done an outstanding job of capturing the best of Erin and Kevin's wedding day. Thanks for sharing. ~"Aunt" Debbie

Kim McInturff said...

Great photos! We will definitely recommend you! It was fun having Amy join our table. She was delightful!

Amy Kaylor Photography said...

Oh…I love them all!!! I don’t know how Erin and Kevin will be able choose! The graffiti wall was so cool and I love those retro ones too. Beautiful Tara..and so are you even though you are shorter than I imagined. haha!

Aunt Sara said...

WOW! WOW! WOW! Those are beyond AMAZING! The photographer did an outstanding job of capturing the details of this classy event! Erin looks breathtaking!

The Mother of the Bride said...

Tara, you're not only a photographer, you're an artist. You perfectly captured the joy and beauty of Kevin and Erin's wedding day. I am a very, very happy "M.O.B."!
P.S. And thank you, Amy! Your pictures and presence added much happiness to our special day.

BcrayZ said...

Thank you for opening a window to experience the wedding through your lens. As I viewed the photos, I exoeriencd the love.

Ray Lunt said...

Tara, These are just spectacular! You have truly found your niche, and I am so glad you were there to catch this special day in all our lives!
Thanks for sharing these lovely reminders of what love really looks like....you are an artist with a camera!
Best wishes and much love,
Ray alias Nana

Tara Malouf said...

Thank you to you all for your wonderfully kind words! It was an absolute privilege to be at the wedding! ~Tara

Marilu Norden said...

Your photos are indisputably fabulous! What an outstanding pictorial remembrance of a most special day, not only in the lives of a beautiful couple, Kevin and Erin, but in the lives of all of us privileged to participate in their happiness, all recorded with artistry by you, Tara! Thanks to Amy, too! I was so impressed by how organized you were in knowing who to pose where in each photo! Congratulations on a fantastic job! Love, Marilu (Norden), Kevin's "Granilu"