Thursday, June 23, 2011

Three Girls and a Boy After My Own Heart {Federal Way Family Photography}

I would like you to meet this amazing family!!  Sure they look sweet and calm, but just you wait and see!!!

All I can say is that is tough being the oldest... have to put up with all sorts of antics by your younger siblings.

This is Miss M and she was my daughter's first friend when we moved to the Pacific Northwest.  She is obviously gorgeous on the outside, but her heart is just as beautiful!!

Though I am sure they fight and have their moments at home, in front of my camera they were playful, fun and full of laughter!  (I am sure there was either threatening or bribery coming from mom...and I would know because that is how I get my kids to behave!!)

This is Miss P...she is QUITE the model!  (And I would like you all to see how much fun she is having here with me!)

This is the boy after my own heart.  When I asked him what was his favorite restaurant, he said, "Any one with food".  Oh..Mr. R, you and I can hang out any time.  I, too, just love food!!  (In fact one of my goals in life is to eat my way through Europe!)

Now all I want to know is when I stopped being fun for Miss P :)  Someone remind her how cool I am!!  OK...just kidding...this is when I know the photo shoot is close to over!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this one!!

The gorgeous organizer of this energetic brood...

Little Miss K...she likes to play!

Thank you N Family!!  I can tell we are done...(but to their defense, I did get invited to dinner by the kiddos!).

Seriously though, I had a wonderful time with all of you!!  I love your playfulness, laughter and love for each other!!


Erin mcFarland said...

I adored both how u shot and processed these sweet images Tara!!

Snowmobile said...

Tara, I cannot tell you how much I adore these! You've captured our every day frenetic fun and I love, love, love these! Thank you! Can't wait to see the rest!

Amy Kaylor Photography said...

What great images in super cool places! ;o)