Friday, July 8, 2011

And One More Makes Four {Puyallup Family/Baby Photography}

First there were two...happy, together, in love...

...then those two added one more who grew and grew to be a bright-eyed, talkative toddler...

....who loves to give kisses.

But three was not the quite enough, so they added one more to the mix.  A little peanut of a guy, who looks a lot like his brother did, and who will one day like to give kisses, but for now just likes to sleep a lot!

And so (just in case your brain has taken a break from math for the summer), now they are FOUR!!

So let the playing begin....

However, in the midst of all the playing, don't forget to take time for a snuggle or two.

And then of course....take a nap!!

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