Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Breathe {inspiration for Wedsnesdays}

I was challenged this week by a quote I heard.  And since it keeps tumbling and rolling in my mind, I thought I'd share it with you.  It is by Pierre d'Harcout who during the Nazi occupation of France was taken into prison....

Beneath everything, beyond everything, I felt myself humiliated and defeated.  I had been so confident, and now my pride had been laid low.  There was only one way of coming to terms with my fate…by offering to God all that I had suffered. I must not only have the courage to accept the suffering he had sent me; I must also thank him for it, for the opportunity he gave me to find at last his truth and love.

Then the inspiration came to me to kiss the chains which held me prisoner, and with much difficulty I at last managed to do this…Once my lips had touched the steel I was freed from the terror that possessed me. As the handcuffs had brought the terror of death to me, now by kissing my manacles I had turned them from bonds into a key…In the blackness of that night my faith gave me light.

What chains do we feel are binding us right now in our lives?  I have a friend who would say it is her marriage.  Another might say (but not out loud) it is motherhood.  It may be finances, aging parents, a child catapulting into adolescence, or some heartbreaking situation we never asked for or dreamed of.  For me it is living in a location that leaves me, for half the year, cold, in darkness and prone to depression.  But when the above quote was spoken this week, I had to ask myself...can I kiss the chains?  Can I kiss them with love and thanks for all they have taught me?  Can I see them as a key rather than bonds?

Or perhaps the better question is....will I?

 May we all learn to give thanks for the chains in our lives.  May we have the courage to kiss them and as we do, may we see them transformed before our very eyes.
Breathe, smile and go slowly.

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