Monday, July 18, 2011

Kiss Me: Jenn and Justin {Kirkland Engagement Photography}

Got to photograph this amazing couple the other day and before I tell you any bit about them or our session, I thought I would start with my FAVORITE picture....

Ahhh...these two are very much in love and were really fun to photograph!  I just think Jenn is drop dead gorgeous, and Justin, while handsome, also has a rare kindness about him.  (Both times I have met with these two, my son has been with me and Justin always engages him in conversation, treating my 11 year old with dignity and respect.)  Good catch, Jenn!!

(OK...the one on the right is also one of my favorites!  Those smiles are just bursting with love for one another and joy at the thought of life together!)

I told you these two were fun!!  On the left, Justin decided to do some pull-ups to kiss his bride-to-be, then (in the middle) he surprised her with a little big dip!!  Of course, Jenn would not be out done as she decided to do a few push-ups on Justin!

Oh forget all the activity....let's just enjoy a kiss!

We almost got through the whole session without one drop of rain even though the clouds spoke of impending showers.  But we didn't quite make it through....such is life in western Washington...although umbrellas make for great pictures!

Jenn and Justin, it was a pleasure to photograph you!!  I am looking forward to your big day in August!!


Erin McFarland said...

so beautiful Tara!! love them ALL!

Christine Kay, Chicago Photographer said...

Beautiful couple and fantastic images!