Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Breathe {inspiration for Wednesdays}

We stand on the edge, on a precipice, carefully peering over into the vast expanse of air between us and what lies below.  We know we are called to jump, to tell our clinging toes to let go and embrace the feeling of wind instead of rock beneath them.  We are to take flight, but we see no wings upon our earth-bound bodies and we doubt they will appear in mid-air.

The moments before are full of trepidation; our knees knock and our bodies are overtaken by a trembling.  Mind racing, fears tumble like worthless trinkets falling out of pockets as they are turned inside out.  Our breathing gets heavy....or are we breathing at all?

For those few eternal seconds we contemplate backing away from the edge, returning to solid ground and sure footedness, but we find our way blocked or our feet stuck.  We know we are meant to be here and we know what we are called to do:  FLY!!

{Today our family stands on an edge.  Tomorrow I will have a high schooler, a middle schooler and I will fully jump into my fourth decade (yes...tomorrow I will be 40!).  We stand upon the unknown of what lies ahead - a little afraid, but excited!  Tomorrow we will jump...tomorrow our flying lessons begin!

It reminds me of a poem I read years ago by Guillaume Appollinaire:

"Come to the edge", he said.
"We can't.  We are afraid." they said.....
"Come to the edge"
"We can't, we will fall."
"Come to the edge", he said.
And they came
and he pushed them
and they flew.}

May we all, as we face cliffs edges in life, take a deep breath.  No matter how big or little the jump may be, may we find the courage to bend our knees and launch ourselves into the unknown.  May we find we can fly......or find a soft landing below!!

Breathe, smile and go slowly.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Class of 2012: Matt {Gig Harbor Senior Photography}

What I like most about Matt is his laid-back attitude....and his shoes!!

Alright, there is more to him than his shoes (although I really did like them!!)!!  I was super impressed with his community service, great communication skills, and fun, quick laugh!

While most of the senior girls I photograph have watched America's Next Top Model, most of the boys don't and have never heard of the term "smeyes".  This is usually what happens when I tell them to "smile with their eyes".....they just laugh at me!

 The shirt is straight from Italy (a gift from his girlfriend).  I think this picture looks like Matt could be straight from Italy!  Love those blue eyes (and he is "smeyesing" with them too, can't you see?!?!)

Thanks for hanging out with me for a little while Matt!!  It was great to photograph you and I wish you all the best of luck this coming year!

{There are a few more pictures on the Red Thread Images Facebook page...}

Friday, August 26, 2011

Class of 2012: Amanda {Spanaway Senior Photography}

When this gorgeous girl called me, she nearly had me do a double take....when she said her last name, I said, "Hey...that's my last name too!!"  What a small world!!

Amanda chose the location...a farm belonging to a friend of the family.  It was AWESOME!!  But not quite as awesome as the young woman that I got to photograph!!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this picture!!

We wanted to use the tractors in this field when guess what we saw coming toward us?!?!  While not a true "stampede", I did not want to tangle with those Texas longhorns.  (What are Longhorns doing in Washington, anyway???)

With a little help, we got those cows corralled....

Amanda, I had a great time with you!!  You are gorgeous and I hope your senior year is wonderful!!

P.S....there are a few more images on the Red Thread Images Facebook page...check them out!!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Marry Me: Jenn and Justin {Kirkland Wedding Photography}

If I could use one word to describe Jenn and Justin's wedding, it would be PASSION.  Not only because of their passion for one another, but because in the two days of their wedding, they wanted to share with family and friends some of the things they are passionate about.

And read correctly.  Jenn and Justin decided to do a two day event, by doing the ceremony (which was pretty small) on one day and the reception the next.  It was very cool!!

Day one....

The dress and shoes were just classy.  A black belt with a great vintage flower added a little drama and flair to the dress...and check out those AWESOME shoes!!

(Why are guys always ready before the women are??)  Justin wanted a picture in his late grandfather's it!

Jenn made her groom a special gift for the day....She had written down something she loved about Justin each day for 100 days and then compiled it all together in a book!  I can imagine he was overwhelmed with the gift!  (I thought it might make a good backdrop for rings too!)

Jenn was such a beautiful bride!!

Of course, Justin was a handsome groom too!

And these two bundles of sweetness were full of energy both during these pictures and during their brief stint as flower girls during the ceremony!

The ceremony....Justin was escorted down the isle by his two sons, Justin's dad officiated the ceremony....and by the way, the bride and groom did not see each other before the wedding.  Can you tell by the look on Justin's face??

One of the things Jen and Justin are passionate about are these two young men, Justin's sons.  During the ceremony, not only gave rings to each other, but to both boys to symbolize a commitment to them as well.

These two are passionate about physical fitness and actually met at a gym (this gym in fact). the truth be told, Justin was Jenn's personal trainer.  I'd say she got her money's worth!!!  Anyway...we decided to get a few pictures where all that passion first started!

I LOVE this picture!!  I do believe she is quite smitten with his muscles!!

We headed down to the water for some "together" pictures.  As I had them up on the balcony of City Hall, Justin was showing his affection for Jenn and in the background we started to hear a bunch of cheering and clapping.  Down below was a whole bunch of families having a picnic....and there were a long line of bathing suit clad little girls looking up mesmerized at Jenn.  One of the mom's told me the girls had just seen Cinderella....and now here she was standing before them.  (Of course, we needed to get a picture!!)

I don't think I've ever seen a more beautiful sunset in Seattle....

Day 2....

Filled with fun, friends and food Jenn and Justin are passionate about.  The reception was at Woodhouse Winery and it could not have been a more perfect, intimate setting.  There was great wine, amazing cheeses, and the most scrumptious chocolates!!  (I know...I tried some!!)

This set reminds me of a classic movie starlet and her leading man...

Jenn chose 3 different flavors of sheet cakes for their wedding cake.  The thing I loved, was they cut one of the cakes, but it wasn't the flavor she was looking they cut the next cake and that wasn't the flavor she was looking for either.  They sliced the last cake (which of course was the correct flavor!) and ended up with a massive pile of cake on their plates by the end...which Justin was trying to convince me that it was "just a little bit".

Congratulations you two!!  I wish you the best in married life together.  May you always live with the same passion I saw these two days!!

(Because it is always so difficult to chose which pictures to put on the blog....there are a few more on the Red Thread Images facebook page...check them out!!)