Saturday, August 6, 2011

Big Smiles and Sandy Toes {Des Moines Family Photography}

I got to play with this amazing family yesterday!!  I photographed them before (here), but the weather was MUCH, MUCH better this time!!  We headed down to the beach and boy did we have some fun!!

Of course on family sessions, we always try to get that one shot of everyone looking at me (and with young kids, that really is about ONE shot!) and we photograph the kids individually, but my favorite pictures are parents and kids laughing and playing together.

In the picture below, I asked the kids if they could skip.  As you can see, Mr. J is thinking about it!!  (And his skip was a little more like a jump-leap all at once!)

Ohhh...sand on little toes!!  This is what summer is all about!

Sure, they act all disinterested until we tell them NOT to jump on mom and dad!

No family session is complete without a little bit of "cheese""!!

Tinkerbell the dog spent most of her time out in the water...but we wanted to get her in a few shots.  Unfortunately, little ones were not as glad to have her near them when she decided to shake herself dry.

Love these two pictures....a little family pile-up and (on the right) how to know when the session is officially over....everyone starts doing their own thing!  But isn't that a little like family any way?

I just realized I ended this family's last post with a kiss between mom and dad!  What can I is a great way to end a post with that *spark* that started it all!!

Thanks Y Family!!  I had a blast with you!!  Wish we had longer to build more sand castles ...maybe next time we'll fly some kites??

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