Friday, August 5, 2011

Class of 2012: Jenna {Gig Harbor Senior Photography}

Alright...I know when I walk into a Senior Session, and the girl standing before me declares that sweats are her favorite article of clothing, followed by a very close second favorite of pajamas, AND she will not even bat an eye to picking up a baby mole in our first location, I am totally going to like her!!  

Meet Jenna...the first of the Red Thread Class of 2012...

I LOVE this dress that she chose!!  Isn't Jenna just gorgeous??

Jenna's boyfriend hung out with us at the photo shoot and played the role of sherpa - he moved furniture, carried chairs and held an umbrella to diffuse the light.  Thank you!!!
(I had to put this picture of the two of them cute!)

A bit of her playful side...

...and a bit of her serious side.

Jenna, it was wonderful to meet you!  Not only are you beautiful to photograph, but your laugh and adventuresome spirit are totally refreshing!!  Best of luck for your senior year!!

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