Thursday, August 18, 2011

Getting Bigger By the Minute {Tacoma Family/Baby Photography}

I have been trying to photograph this sweet family for months now. Schedules and then weather kept getting in the way, but FINALLY we had a beautiful summer day and we headed down to downtown Tacoma.

This little guy's name is Ryker and I think he was a little confused as to who I was. He gave me a lot of serious faces, but when he was playing with mom and dad, he was a little more in his element!! Love that bottom picture!! It is that "mom-stop-kissing-me-you're-embarrassing-me!"

Not quite walking, Ryker is learning to explore his environment with a little commando crawl....

.....but then he stopped short when I came a little too close into view!

I was trying to photograph Ryker and mom but all his attention was focused on that orange cone!! Of course, we gave in and let him have his way!

(LOVE these two....the difference between moms and dads.)

This is my favorite family picture of the three of them....I like it when mom and dad look so in love!

We found ourselves back at the steps we started at...and I found that this little guy was a good stair climber!

Once again, I know when a photo session is about over. To my benefit, he is not crying at me....Ryker really, really wanted to play with some rocks. Well, he really, really wanted to put the rocks in his mouth and see how they tasted!! (Mom and dad didn't think that was a great idea.)

Thanks K and B...and Ryker! It was fun to hang out with you all and to get to photograph your sweet family!!

(By the way, there is one more picture on the Red Thread Images Facebook page. The new one...check it out!)

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Amy Kaylor Photography said...

Love this city location...and the crying picture too. ;o)